Ordering CPTG certified essential oils

How to order essential oils from doTERRA:

Simply follow this step-by-step guide at this page. You order directly at doTERRA and at the same time save 25% on the regular market price. 

dōTERRA bietet für neue Vorteilskunden spezielle Einsteigersets an mit denen Du alles bekommst was Du zum Starten benötigst:

Home Essentials

The Home Essentials Kit is a starter kit from doTERRA and includes 10 of the most functional oil incl. a powerful diffuser. A super base for a start using essential oils at home. 

It includes 4 oil blends and 6 single oils: Air 15ml, Deep Blue 5ml, ZenDigest 15ml, OnGuard 15ml, Frankinscense 15ml, Lavender 15ml, Melaleuca 15ml, Lemon 15ml, Peppermint 15ml and Oregano 15ml. It also includes the elctronic Petal Diffuser (in new wooden style colour, called Petal 2.0).

Almost the same set is available as smaller version with 5ml bottles, without diffuser, but with OnGuard and Peppermint Beadlets („Family Essentials Kit“).

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit
doTERRA Family Essentials Kit

Step 1.

For your first order go to „Register & Save“ at www.mydoterra.com/michaelaottmann1. Please do not cklick „Shop“, as you will not get an own user account and therefore the standard sales price (without 25% discount).

Step 2.

On the next page scroll down and click “ join dōTERRA“. Then please enter your language and your country and choose the option  „Wholesale Member“ – to receive the 25% discount on your purchase.

doTERRA ätherische Öle modern

Step 3.

Fill in your standard contact dates as name & address. Please take care to fill in the date of your birth in the right format (month/day/year). Then choose your time zone (e.g. Brussels, Berlin, Rome) and choose your own password. This you can use from now on to order and log in into your own so called back office. At Enroller ID, please make sure that the number 9196256 is fillied in. With this you assure that we are your consultants and point of contact.

Finally agree to the terms & conditions of your online registration.

Michaela Ottmann doTERRA Öle

Step 4.

Now choose the type of your first order. You have 2 options available:

Option 1: You order one of the beautiful enrollment kits  ENROLLMENT-KITs (my recommendation for the start is theHome-Essentials or Family Essentials Kit). You are saving extra with choosing a starter kit.

Option 2: Click on „dōTERRA Essentials Booklet + Registration“

(= 24,- Euro registration) and you can add any SINGLE product within the grey search box at your shopping cart. Here you can find the dōTERRA Essentials Booklet for inspiration. You will see the current product price in your shopping cart.

When you are finished with adding products, please click the botton for the total value. Then choose a payment method (I recommend credit card). DONE. 

Welcome to my Team!

Box for your questions.